Old Style – Feng Shou Chuan Shu – Foot Flow Patterns

Old Style – Feng Shou Chuan Shu – Foot Flow Patterns

The Foot Flow Patterns we practice would never be used as a kick in that format. Why is this? Because they are the training drills, pure and simple.

At the same time, they are not just drills as within these Foot Flow Patterns are:

  • Ways to move into a kick
  • Ways to move in-between kicks
  • Ways to move out from a kick
  • Ways to evade before you kick
  • Ways to evade in-between kicks
  • Ways to evade after a kick
  • How to use ankle control before using a kick
  • How to use ankle control in-between kicks
  • How to use ankle control after a kick
  • How the muscle control and muscle change for each different kick is produced.
  • Distance control over a kick
  • Where ward-offs, parries or strikes can be made before, during or after the kick

The list goes on and on, basically everything you need to know on how to use and produce a kick in any direction before during or after an attack is in there for you to discover.

Once you start to understand the muscle change that happens for each kick, producing a powerful kick from a standing position, advancing or retreating position become child’s play. So changing feet to kick or using the same leg become second nature. Producing a kick from the floor, standing or even in the air should be no problem. (Please note: that flying kicks have very little use in actual self-defence application but is practiced for self control applications.)

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Peter Glenn

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Peter Glenn has been a student and teacher/coach of the Li Family Taoist Arts since 1974. He is also a lineage holder of the Li Family Taoist Arts and the Principal of the Harmony Arts Association.

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