Taoist Martial – Self-Defence Arts

Whether you are new to Martial Arts or an old hand or just would like to learn some Self-Defence, we welcome you whatever your ability.
Feng Shou Chuan Shu - “Hand of the Wind Boxing”
Old Style-Feng Shou Chuan Shu – Old Style Taoist Martial – Self-Defence Art with A Modern Approach

Feng Shou Chuan Shu means “Hand of the Wind Boxing” and is an all round Taoist Martial – Self-Defence System. Everything you learn by practicing this Old Style Taoist Martial Art is about survival rather than winning.

It is an Internal Taoist Martial – Self-Defence Art and our Li Family Taoist principles of internal relaxation are at the heart of it all. They are your key to gaining a greater power and sensitivity over your movement, balance and speed. As one understands their bone stacking and muscle movement, they are able to enhance their sensitivity and power; as the result, this enables them to overcome their opponents with gentleness by redirecting their force against them. One should not underestimate its effectiveness as with a greater inner relaxation more power is generated and more sensitivity is attained over how the power can be delivered or redirected.

Old Style Feng Shou is very practical and adaptable; as one develops self-knowing and self-awareness every move can become a ward off, a strike or a kick.
Internal Taoist Martial - Self-Defence Art
Feng Shou suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. Initial practice is performed slowly to ensure safety in training. Sensitivity and power are gradually developed through the practice of I Shu (The Art of Forms and Sets) and partner practice.

Although, Chi Shu (The Li Family Art of Throwing) and Chiao Li (The Li Family Art of Wrestling) are Martial – Self-Defence Arts in their own right; here at Harmony Arts, we combine them with the Feng Shou, so all bases can be covered in our training.

Feng Shou Chuan Shu | Taoist Martial – Self-Defence Arts
Featured techniques

Old Style Feng Shou Chuan Shu covers all aspects of the Taoist Martial – Self-Defence Arts:

  • Evasions
  • Ward-offs and parries
  • Hand strikes
  • Kicks
  • Locking and controlling techniques
  • Chi Shu (The Taoist Art of Throwing)
  • Chiao Li (The Taoist Art of Wrestling)
  • I Shu (The Taoist Art of Forms and Sets)
  • Weapons forms and usage
Chi Shu – The Li Family Taoist Art of Throwing
Chi Shu – The Li Family Taoist Art of Throwing

Chi Shu ‘Energy’ or ‘Breath’ Art is the Li Family Throwing Art. Whether applying a ward-off, a counter-striking or a breakout from a lock or a hold, it can become a throw.

We use the extending or contracting of muscles, pressure or release of bones and the opening or compression of the joints. If necessary, arteries, nerves and meridians points can be used.

The opponents’ force is redirected, throwing them to the ground.

Locks can be applied before during or after the throw, as can counter strikes. Students learn to roll, fall safely and how to nullify a throw.

Chi Shu combines a devastating self-defence system with the softness, sensitivity and balance that epitomise the Li Family system. With regular practice, practitioners develop spirit and agility.

Chiao Li – The Li Family Taoist Art of Wrestling
Chiao Li – The Li Family Taoist Art of Wrestling

Chiao Li is the Li Family System of Shuai Jiao.

Chiao Li is a very close contact art, it uses the whole body rather than relying on physical strength, but only needs one area of contact to apply control, throws or takedowns.

Having good control of ones posture is an important aspect of Chiao Li.

When a move is continued onto the ground or starts on the ground, Chiao Li unitizes arm locks, shoulder, leg and head locks, in fact just about any part of the body can be held secure or locked.

Chiao Li utilizes every position from standing to groundwork.

I Fu Shou – The Taoist Art of Adhering Hand
I Fu Shou – The Taoist Art of Adhering Hand

Another name for I Fu Shou is ‘Enlightened Hand’ as the regular practice of this art can bring to the surface powers that all posses but very few people know that they have.

To begin with, this is a two person exercise, but with practice, it can be done with up to five people on to one. The basic exercise is that each person tries to upset the others balance, but making sure that they maintaining their own balance, but this must be done with total relaxation.

As the practitioner gains more understanding then locks, throws, and foot-work are added.

To overcome the physical tension all you need to do is stay relaxed in body and mind. Just do not mistake relaxation for laxation as the later will make all power disappear.
Harmony Palm (Tai Chi) Martial – Self-Defence
Harmony Palm (Tai Chi) Martial – Self-Defence

Every movement of the Li Family Harmony Palm (Tai Chi Chuan) Form applied in a natural manner can be a ward-off, a parry, an evasion, a strike, a kick, a joint lock, a throw, a wrestling move or any combination of the above.

To achieve the above, there should be no physical tension or all becomes a struggle of physical strength.

Most of the physical tension in our bodies is caused by our posture and/or our mind.

It is important to maintain a natural – balanced posture at all times by making sure that our body weight is flowing through our joints smoothly rather than being forcefully driven across.

Also, if either our minds are directing our bodies in a way that is making them to tense; or our minds are tensed or because of the constant mental chatter that affects our central nervous system via the medulla oblong – garter, all of this creates tension in our bodies.