Welcome to Harmony Arts

Our association is based in the South West England, specifically in Bristol, Somerset and Devon, and is dedicated to pass on the technical, mental and spiritual knowledge of the Ho-Hsieh Li Family Taoist Health and Martial Arts of Shandong Province

Please note that the above film is of the simplified Tai Chi Chuan form.

We teach Li Family Taoist Health Arts (incl. Old Style Ho-Hsieh Chang – Harmony Palm – Tai Chi Chuan) and Martial – Self-Defence Arts (incl. Old Style Feng Shou Chuan Shu – Hand of the Wind Boxing). Harmony Arts Association preserves the original concepts and principals of these Taoist Arts in their entirety, i.e. their associated perception, healing and spiritual qualities they have to offer.

Li Family Taoist Arts are ultimate in your mindfulness training and can help to enhance your health and well-being as well as manage any stress to produce harmony and serenity within you and in your life.

In Bristol, we have Harmony Palm (Tai Chi) Classes in Redland, Frenchay and Patchway; also, Martial – Self-Defence Classes in Patchway. Our Somerset Harmony Palm (Tai Chi) and Martial – Self-Defence Classes are in Angersleigh, Taunton; and our Devon Harmony Palm (Tai Chi) Classes are in Ottery St Mary and Exeter. We also run the Monthly Day Courses specifically designed to enhance everyone’s understanding of aspects of the Li Family Taoist Health and Martial Arts practice.

In our Harmony Palm (Tai Chi) Class, we teach “Tai Chi Chuan – Old Style Ho Hsieh Chang – The Taoist Art of Mindfulness”; also, “K’ai Men – The Taoist Art of Movement”; “Tao Yin – The Taoist Art of Breathing”; “I Fu Shou – The Taoist Art of Adhering Hand” and many other Tai Chi forms. If you are looking for inner balance and tranquility on a journey to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being then our Li Family Taoist Tai Chi – Health Arts are the right choice for you.

Old Style Feng Shou Chuan Shu – Hand of the Wind Boxing come under the traditional Wushu and Kung Fu banner and is our main Taoist Art of Self-Defence; we also practice “Chi Shu – The Taoist Art of Throwing”, “Chiao Li – The Taoist Art of Wrestling” as well as various Li Family weapons. Our Li Family Taoist Feng Shou – Self-Defence – Martial Arts are designed to help you to uncover skills you never knew you had.

Whether you wish to learn health or martial – self-defence or both arts, we offer you Very Old Taoist Arts with Modern Coaching.

Feel free to pop into one of our classes or else to get in touch if you have any queries.