Our Monthly Day Courses

!!! Course Dates for 2021 !!!
Please note that all dates and time(s) given below are indicative and may change; so, please check with the course instructor in due time.
DateCourse TypeInstructor
January 10  Tao Yin Peter Glenn
February 7Kai menPeter Glenn
March 7 Tao Yin / Kai Men Peter Glenn
April 11Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
May 9Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
June 6Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
July 4Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
August 8Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
September 5Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
October 3Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
November 7Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
December 5Harmony PalmPeter Glenn
Course Place: Unless stated otherwise above the course place is New Hall, Patchway Community Centre, Rodway Road, Patchway, Bristol BS34 5PF
Time: 10am – 4pm
Day Course Fees: Members – £35, Non-Members – £80
Queries: Peter Glenn – 0117 931 5090 / 07913 806 125 or via Contact Us