Whether practicing the weapons forms for health or martial benefit they can tell you a lot about your body and your mind.

For those who want to take the weapons forms further we teach the martial applications to the weapons not just same to same but any to any.


Tai Chi Sword – Straight Sword

Tai Chi Sword

Metal – mind-focus

It has been said that Tai Chi Sword – Straight Sword represents the ‘order of the universe’.

Mastering the Tai Chi Sword – Straight Sword requires a great deal of mindfulness, i.e. one must be fully aware of their body and limbs whilst maintaining their perfect poise.

On the outside there is physical activity but inside there is peace and tranquillity.

The Straight Sword became a duelling weapon.


Feng Shou Broad Sword

Feng Shou Broad Sword

Tao – Metal – mind-focus

If the Tai Chi Sword – Straight Sword represents the ‘order of the universe’ then the Feng Shou Broad Sword represents how the order of the universe is carried out.




Wood – posture-bone stacking – torso – hips & shoulders

Working with the staff shows what is happening on the inside so will help you to harmonise the internal with the external.

The staff is the hardest weapon to truly master against all other weapons.




Water – arms & hands – muscle change

Silk form is a mixture of slow and fast movements representing the flow the gentleness and the hardness, of water.




Metal & Wood

The flexibility and posture of the wood combined with the concentration and focus of the sword are used here.




Metal & Silk or Wood & Silk 

The flexibility and posture combined with the concentration and focus toped with perfect muscle change.




Metal or Metal & Wood

Posture, bone stacking, strength of the torso and concentration of hip & shoulder position combined with mental control are used here.




Chi energy is also utilised at a far higher level, for not only has it to be practiced inwardly, but it has also to be seen, demonstrated, and made to flow from the weapon that is held.

All this comes under the heading of Ta Lu (the highway), which is the supreme road to the Supreme Ultimate.


Tai Chi Weapons:

  • Straight Sword
  • Staff
  • Silk
  • Fan

Feng Shou Weapons:

  • Broad sword
  • Staff
  • Spear
  • Halberd