Very few illnesses are caused by genetic problems, most arise through not caring for ourselves on a physical, mental or spiritual level. Without awareness of this process we can block our body’s natural capacity to heal itself. We waste energy worrying about past and future events and become depleted of vitality. Our reactions are the source of all tension and worry. If we treat the reaction then a state of ease will arise and healing can take place. We are responsible for our own health and well being. Through compassionate self-observation and developing effective breathing techniques, we learn how to be at ease, no matter what the situation. Thus our energy is allowed to flow freely to continue the process of change in every cell, creating physical balance and mental ease and strength.

We offer variety of the treatments designed to help you to be at ease, aware of your reactions and develop an ability to treat them, so the state of ease would become natural to you and your body can regain / maintain a capacity to heal itself.

 TreatmentsPrices *
Taoist Anmo – Taoist Massage, Acupressure and Meridian Massage£50
Chi Healing or Li Healing – Taoist Energy Healing£50
Chi Kung Acupressure  – Taoist Energy Healing£90
Postural Realignment – min 5 sessions total£225
Crystal Healing – Balancing of the Energy Gates in the Spine and Body£40
Meditation – 30 minutes / 1 hour£20 / £35
* – Discount available for Harmony Arts Association Members.
Treatments are provided at the Enso Clinic every Saturday from 2pm – 6pm; for bookings and further information please enquire with Peter Glenn either by phone 0117 931 5090 / 07913 806 125 or via Contact Us.

We also offer the individual or small group teaching sessions of the Taoist Physical Therapy – T’i Yu (physical callisthenics) exercises, designed to help you further learn to maintain as well as increase the relaxation, so stillness and ease are present in every moment of your life. You are also very welcome to join one of our Tai Chi – Health, Feng Shou – Self Defence – Martial Arts classes either in Bristol or Somerset or Devon. Please enquire with Peter Glenn either by phone 0117 931 5090 / 07913 806 125 or via Contact Us.
Taoist Physical Therapy – T’i Yu ExercisesPrices *
Harmony Palm  (Tai Chi) – Taoist Health exercise1 person 1 hour – £50
2 people 1 hour – £60
3 people 1 hour – £70
4 people 1 hour – £80
Kai Men – Nei Kung exercise
Tao Yin – Respiration Therapy / Nei Kung exercise
Taoist Martial Arts – Self defence exercise
* – Discount available for Harmony Arts Association Members.