Harmony Arts Association

Harmony Arts - Tai Chi Chuan - Association
Ancient Arts For Modern Times™ 

Harmony Arts Association is dedicated to pass on the technical, mental and spiritual knowledge of the Ho-Hsieh Li Family Taoist Arts of Shandong Province.

Whilst maintaining the ancient tradition we apply a modern understanding / approach to our tuition, hence the Li Family Taoist Arts concepts, principles and techniques taught in our classes, whether for health benefits or martial – self-defence application, are applicable today as ever before.

Harmony Arts, provides a friendly, safe and supportive environment to learn the ancient Taoist Arts in Bristol and other South West’s counties we are a not for profit group. Harmony Arts is a Member Association of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (the BCCMA).

Harmony Arts

Harmony Arts was formed to continue to give the people of today the opportunity to experience the Li Family Taoist Arts, and enjoy the health and well-being that can be gained from them.

The Li Family system originates from the Taoist Harmony (its’ modern version would be Nei Kung which means “internal work”). So, from our Harmony Palm for health to our Feng Shou for self-defence one can practice their natural body movement and mindfulness. We cater for all ages and levels of health and fitness. We offer individual sessions and courses through to ongoing sessions to individuals, groups, school, charities and corporate clients and events.

For health we teach the Harmony Palm (Tai Chi Chuan) Short / Long Forms, Fei Chang Form (Tai Chi Fei Shou Form), K’ai Men and Tao Yin – Exercises as well as I Fu Shou – Adhering / Enlightened Hand; we also teach various weapons’ forms and their usage: Sword, Staff, Silk and Fan.

For martial – self-defence we teach Feng Shou Chuan Shu – Taoist Boxing which incorporates Chi Shu – Throwing, Chiao Li – Wrestling and I Fu Shou – Adhering / Enlightened Hand; we also teach various weapons’ forms and their usage: Sword, Staff, Spear and Halberd.

Taoist Harmony – Nei Kung : “Internal Work”

Li Family Taoist Arts

The Li Family had been Taoists for thousands of years and the range of Taoist Health, cultural and Wu Shu Arts had been passed from generation to generation, until 1930 when Professor Chan Kam Li brought the arts to England. He opened a small class in Red Lion Square, Holborn, London.

After Chan Kam Li’s death in the winter of 1953/4 when his ship was lost in a severe storm off the coast of China, the Arts were passed on to his adopted nephew, Master Clifford Chee Soo.

Master Chee Soo pushed the arts from strength to strength, with thousands of students. Professor Chee Soo died on 29th of August, 1994.

Professor Clifford Chee Soo

One of the great things about Harmony Palm is that it doesn’t matter whether you practice for health or for the martial – self-defence applications. You will naturally get an understanding, and the benefits of both. The reason being that it is both.

The originator of the Li Family system of Harmony Palm was Ho-Hsieh Li around 1000BC. The Li Family followed the Taoist teaching of the ‘Sons of Reflected Light’. The teachings covered everything from pottery making and silk weaving to health, herbs and healing arts. What went through Ho-Hsieh Li’s mind as he began to merge the Tao Yin, K’ai Men and the Li Family Martial – Self-Defence Arts has been lost in time, but the outcome of his work hasn’t.

Harmony Arts Principal 

Master Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn has been a student and teacher/coach of the Li Family Taoist Arts since 1974.

From 1974 to 1994 under Professor Clifford Chee Soo.

From 1995 to 2003 under Master Tony Swanson.

In 2002 Peter formed Harmony Arts Association.

Peter currently has his own practice, Taoist Holistic Massage, Taoist Health and Martial Arts in Bristol where he lives. The emphasis of his work is to look at the person as a whole (holistic) and to give time and space to support the individual in taking up responsibility for his / her own life and well-being. The nature of this work is positive, gentle and understanding.

He is experienced in running group training classes, courses, corporate courses and lectures on health and relaxation in addition to his work with individuals. Peter is a lineage holder of the Li Family Taoist Arts and is the Principal of the Harmony Arts Association.