Harmony Arts – Tai Chi Chuan

Harmony Arts - Tai Chi Chuan - Association

Harmony Arts (Tai Chi Chuan) Association is dedicated to pass on the technical, mental and spiritual knowledge of the Ho-Hsieh Li Family Taoist Arts of Shandong Province.

Our association is based in the South West England, specifically in Bristol, Somerset and Devon. We teach Li Family Taoist Health Arts (incl. Old Style Ho-Hsieh Chang – Harmony Palm – Tai Chi Chuan) and Martial – Self-Defence Arts (incl.  Old Style Feng Shou Chuan Shu – Hand of the Wind Boxing).

Join one of our Tai Chi – Health, Feng Shou – Self Defence – Martial Arts classes either in Bristol or Somerset or Devon to practice the concepts, principles, techniques of the Li Family Taoist Arts and experience the benefits discussed in this article for yourself.
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